Overcome Feelings of Unworthiness: God’s Love is Free

Overcome Feelings of Unworthiness: God’s Love is Free

God’s Love in the Purest of Form

Overcome Feelings of Unworthiness: God’s Love is Free

     Hurriedly you run. From this situation to the next. One step ahead of the needs of others. Placing yourself last. On the “always” list of offering assistance. Stop. Stop where you stand. Let me introduce you to yourself.

     Circumstances have been that love was bought. Affordable for those that do and then do without. Bought though the intentions of how much and how well you can do for someone else. When love is bought…it is not unconditional. For unconditional is just as it stands. Love gifted without reason or action. Simply for existence.

     Through the events of your life, love was ordered. Presented on a platter. Like a holiday bonus after a year of hard work. My friend, that was then. This is now. The circumstances have changed.

     Let go of the egotistical persons that demand of you before offering their tokens. Let go of the feelings of unworthiness that plague your heart. For you have always been loved for just being you.

     God loves you in the purest of forms. Truly unconditional. For you need not say, do, act, look, or be a certain way. God loves you for the essence of your being.

     So, my dear friend, let me introduce you to yourself. You are a spiritual being graced with wisdom and love. A universe of love is reflected through your spirit and back. No penalties for books unwritten. No penalty for wrinkled skin. No penalty for not walking or talking fast enough. You are the perfection of Him. You are loved. Unconditional twinkling light harmonized with God’s gentleness.

     Sit with yourself. Get to know who you are. Silly you…you’ve been loved all the while.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So many of us are taught at an early age that love is for the deserving. So we work hard and suffer at the hand of never enough. My friend, the love of God is freely gifted. You do not need to do anything. Simply be. Do good, be good…because that is your nature. Be a help to the whole because that is your spiritual direction. Do for others because it is what you want to do. Not for payment of love and attention. God offers that free of charge. Nothing demanded. Simply a gift of love.

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