New Beginnings with God’s Graces

New Beginnings with God’s Graces

Bring forth God’s Light

New Beginnings with God’s Graces

     Way to go day thirteen! I’m starting to like this change of thinking. Disappointments in myself are waning. Positive thoughts bring forth God’s Graces. It is my hope for you as well.

     Cleanse life’s page. A new story to unfold. A new beginning. A new chance. New memories with this gifted breath from God.

     May this day be different from the rest. May the face you see in the mirror reflect the harmony of nature. The beauty of Grace. May you find peace in your heart. Peace where you live. Peace in your life. Peace with yourself.

     I ask again, one more word to tally. What word would you use on the page of a fresh new life? A word for new beginnings. Two words if you’re brave. Add it, dear one, to the list you’ve already begun. Sing them loudly forty times for all to hear. Rap them. Tap them. Dance them. Skip them. Paint them through your actions, intentions, and belief in yourself and new beginnings.

     Blank page as of today. What is the beginning word? Add it to the list that grows. Sprinkle it with God’s Graces. The rest will fall into place.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     If you are new to my page, spacebar back. Start at the beginning or jump in today. A thirty-one-day challenge we’ve established to change the way we think about ourselves. Link hearts with the last in line. For we are connected through God’s Breath.

     Tell me, what is the word you’ve written on your blank page that describes your new beginning? Please share your word in the space below. I’ll share mine. Awake.

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2 comments on “New Beginnings with God’s Graces
  1. Jeanine says:

    I am not sure which words to choose today. But I like your style.

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