Nearing Journey’s End: Compassionate Message to a Dying Friend

Nearing Journey’s End: Compassionate Message to a Dying Friend

 Freedom for Your Soul

Nearing Journey’s End: Compassionate Message to a Dying Friend

     Sadness fills your sleepless nights as you carry the burden of your family’s loss heavily in your heart. You search for comfort that cannot be realized through the limited confines of our Earthly existence.

You’re tired.

Tired of pretending.

Tired of being all for all.

Tired of illness waging war within your frail body.


     You long once again for the childlike embrace of your mother’s arms – yearning for her words of wisdom and comfort. Take note, dear one, your mother is with you. She tends your soul, gently nudging you to life’s final escapade.

     Your body fails as man and medicine have reached an end to their limited interventions. Your body fails…but your spirit is strong! Step back and away from your Earthly vessel. I love you…. I wish for you, in your final hour, to let go…

     Let go…let go… Soar through the Heavens on the wings of Angels. Set yourself free from illness, heartache, disappointment, pain, and the harsh realities of this journey known as your life. Search deep within the caverns of your Earthly memories, taking savored moments of beauty and grace with you to Heaven’s gate.

     You have given the world many lessons of life. You have lived to the fullest. I wish peace for your body. I wish freedom for your soul.

I will miss you.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     There comes a point when suffering overwhelms and you must find the courage to say good-bye. Please share words of encouragement for those seeking comfort through the desperate and lonely moments of the passing of a friend.

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