Mournful Tears

Mournful Tears

Peaceful Slumber Mournful Tears

     Hours pass twisted and wrapped in floral linens. Eyelids heavy from lack of peace. Mournful tears dampen a satin pillowcase. Sleep loiters just beyond reach. An empty dream catcher limply hangs from the bedpost carved from memories. What causes your lack of peace?

     Fitful nights rob you of dreams, possibilities, hope, and love. Fitful nights feed into the cycle of distrust and disbelief. Stop the cycle of the burdens so heavily carried. Step away from the past. Step away from grief. Allow God’s gentle breeze to filter the night’s air and fill your dream catcher with the peaceful possibilities of tomorrow.

     Release your burdens to God. Release your struggle to sleep.

     May a rainbow of peaceful slumber canopy your floral linens and the sweet fragrances of lavender fill your evening slumber.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Sleep is a gift. Drag not the heart’s burdens to slumber. Release at the bed’s edge that which might rob you of dreams. Dreams of tomorrows. Dreams of possibilities. Dreams resting on lavender pillowcases and God’s embrace.

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