Misplaced Ideals: Grandness of Character Exists

Misplaced Ideals: Grandness of Character Exists

Majestic Tree of Peace

Misplaced Ideals: Grandness of Character Exists

     So much anger set in motion. Unforgiving blindness of the magnificence of others. Those devoted but deceived by misplaced ideals. Cascading wrath drifting across seas.

     Beyond the harshness of life, grandness of character exists. Goodness gifted. Energy spent for the betterment of this planet. Prayerful existence. Quietly spreading branches of a majestic tree of peace.

     There will always be darkness harbored in the hearts of the sleeping. Dreaming of glory through blitzing to pieces, peace-laden principles. Blocking the Light. If we allow it.

     Aware we need be…but focused on the Light is of importance. Ground yourself in your beliefs. Hold hands with those of different nations and creed. Set your goals to be that of the Highest. Future generations depend on it.

   Focus on the Light. Join hands. Join hearts. Pray for everlasting peace. Pray for unity of nations.

 Sharon CassanoLochman

     Difficult to explain the harshness of people. Change direction. Focus on the good. Please share an uplifting story of an experience you’ve had with a stranger.

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