Message of Gratitude

Something special, exciting, and wonderful…


Every morning upon waking, I give gratitude for another day on my Earth journey. I know that this new day, as all days past and those yet to come, will bring something special, exciting, and wonderful.

How will I view this day? Will I be awake enough to recognize what is special, exciting, and wonderful?

Wake up world. Awake to the glory, beauty, and miracles that abound. They’re everywhere. Can’t you see them? What are you looking for? Are you looking for despair? Are you looking for anger, distrust, hurt, and everything you view as lacking in this world and your life? If you look for things of that nature, that is in fact exactly what you will see. Be aware of the magnitude and magnificence of the Universe. For even next to highway litter, a tender sprig of grass will flourish. Change what you seek and that is what you will find.

Sharon CassanoLochman


Surge of God's Love 

Photograph by Smith & Lochman
Lake Ontario
Kendall, NY