Mending the Broken Heart: Love and Affection

Mending the Broken Heart: Love and Affection

Rose Petal Sunsets

Mending the Broken Heart

     So fragile it is. The heart so tenderly wrapped and delivered. Swaddled in rose petal sunsets and sacrifices gifted. Only to be torn. Strewn about. Trampled upon. Worn out.

     My friend, pull back that which is shattered. Tie together the loose strings of your broken heart. Allow time to mend.

     Take care in future situations. Offer next time to a person more deserving. And if it should break again. Retie knot by knot.

     You are deserving of love and affection. You are deserving of positive attention. You deserve a life peaceful. You are deserving, child of God, of all this universe has to offer.

     Believe in yourself. Believe in your grandness. Believe in that which God has created. Look to the beauty and worth within. See it. Know it.

     Recognize yourself.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So often we fail to recognize our own worth, sending us down a path more crooked than straight. As children of God, we need not settle for anything less than love, peace, and serenity in the place in which we live and the company we keep. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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