Loneliness: Strands of a Web

Loneliness: Strands of a Web

Commonalities and Connections Shared

 Loneliness: Strands of a Web

     I hear what you say. Passionate voice. Words clearly spoken. Alone you believe for most of your life. Consoling with self-pity and angry disbelief. Unworthy of notice and companionship. I hear what you say. Different opinion have I. Alone you have never been.

     Travel this journey abandoned we do not. Our paths are woven like the strands of a web. Each strand glistens on its own in the Light. Hologram designs fashioned of intersecting lives.

     Individual you are that is true. Alone you will never be. Connected to this planet and all that it holds. God’s Light. You. Me. Mountains. Forests. Waterways. Farmers’ fields. Honey bees. Lands and people far away. Commonalities and connections shared.

     Attitude and vision is all that is required. See the life God has gifted. Welcome warm smiles and peaceful interactions. Reciprocate. Acknowledge the hologram designs and connections.

     Take the strand of your life. Weave a new web. Long and happy with many intersecting threads.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Circumstances vary but the loneliness remains the same. Has someone reached out to you during a difficult time? Please share your experience or words of encouragement below.

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