Live Life

Live Life

Let Mistakes Be

Live Life

     I see your confused intentions. Conflict between what was and that wished. Dwell not on missed opportunities or should-have-beens. You’re stuck on the backspace of life.

     One step forward you take. Then negate. Negating the positive with backspaced intentions. Needed is forward momentum like the strikes on the alphabetized keys. Get off the space bar and backspacing options. What was… is over. Can’t be erased or deleted.

     What is now…is the beginning of what can be. Open opportunities to build and compile. Magnificent chapters of riveting adventures.

     We all are responsible for our own life story. How would you like yours to read?

     You are a reflection of what can be. Risks taken. Happiness fulfilled. Grand dreams. Cheerful emotions. Compassionate deeds. Limitless potential.

     There’s more to you than you think.

     Permission granted when your pages are full to backspace this friendly reminder.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Are you creating magnificent chapters in your book of life? Share your story or words of encouragement below.

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