Life’s Melody

Life’s Melody

Music to Your Ears

Life’s Melody

     Exhaustion drips from your brow of indecision. Which way to go? What path to take? Heart pulling in one direction. Boisterous voice from the stands pulls in the other.

     Money…money…money. Rings loud and clear. Stiff-backed bystander screams in your ear.

     Tell me, dear one. What chimes the sweetest melody? Music only your ears can hear. Listen carefully.

     Judge yourself not by the ego-laden standards of the other. Focus on the sweetness of life’s melody when you strum your song and not that of the other.

     Child of God. You are here for a reason.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Play life’s sweet melody. Your path. Not that of another. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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