Life Gifted

Life Gifted

Through the Looking Glass

Life Gifted

     Matters not the combo platter of letters attached. OCD or ABC. Time dedicated to the doings of others is time wasted. Time spent well, is time of your own.

     What brings the greatest pleasure? Reading? Writing? Singing? Company of others?

     No guarantees on the length of this journey. Waste not one moment consumed. Live your life. Step through the looking glass into your place on this planet.

     There much to explore. Paths to intersect. Actions to take of the highest order.

     Live the life God has gifted. Live your life by doing and not watching others.

  Sharon CassanoLochman

     So easy it is to get caught up behind the curtain. Watching the escapades of neighbors. Remember, my friend, if you’re watching…you’re not living. Please share your story in the space below.

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