Life Experiences

Life Experiences

Calm Waters

Life Experiences

     Twenty-six promises yet to go. Holding tight to the helm. Rocking the boat of what is known. Steering to calm waters.

     Over your shoulder dark clouds form. Memories of what you were told. Words. Actions. Lack of attention. Praise withheld. Soft words and embraces for another. Through life experiences you form opinions. Often of yourself.

     Substandard. Inferior. Hideous within your skin. Storms build in your head. Everything out of control. Unworthy you feel in most circumstances.

     Hold on. I’ve got your hand. Let’s go back one more time. To when it began. Somewhere. Think hard. What was it that threw you off course?

     Reflect for a moment. Cry. Cleanse the memory. It wasn’t your fault. Blame rests with the other. Forgive. Then let go. Hold the child within. See the beauty and innocence. Leave the baggage of those memories to the side. They keep you anchored from life.

     One more word. The opposite. The opposite of what you’ve been told. Add it to your list of five others. Six words dropped from heaven. Describing you, child of God.

     Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Keep them in your head. To calm waters. Straight ahead.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     We learn from our environment. Home. School. Work. Unworthiness is learned through the actions of others. Let it go. The unworthiness is theirs. For a person with Grace protects the heart of another. What is the word of the day? Share it in the space below. It might bring comfort to another. I’ll share mine. Significant.

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