Just Pray

Just Pray

Peace for all Nations

Just Pray

     Our conversations of late drift to a negative sort. Hopeless you appear for the troubled world in which we live. Difference of opinion if I may speak. Transformation of energy is pending along the horizon of life. Actions we now take will carry to future generations. United in prayer a possible solution.

    Pray for yourself. Pray for the world. Pray for the planet coughing and wheezing from spewed man-made debris. United we can stand within contrary beliefs. You can be you. I can be me. Together linked in hearts and praying hands.

    Pray for all souls. Pray for miracles unknown to those without. Wrap the earth in positive affirmations. Listen to prayerful reminders angelically placed. The smile of a baby. A gentle sunrise greeting each new day. Pray for unity and peace for all nations. Matters not color or religion or location. Brothers and sisters united together can make a difference.

     Just pray…

Sharon CassanoLochman

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