How to Judge Success: Eliminate Comparisons

How to Judge Success: Eliminate Comparisons

Bow Gracefully

How to Judge Success: Eliminate Comparisons

     It’s been a while. Absence creates distance of time and emotional space.

     Your struggle is not with the journey…but with delivery of success. The ego grows larger than life. Comparisons made. Self-imposed judgement follows.

     Eliminate comparisons.

     Look to a field of wild flowers bowing gracefully in each breath of wind. Now look closely. The flowers are not the same. Some have fewer petals. Others have wilted through time. Glorious in their individual beauty. Glorious together.

     Be glorious in your individual talents and beauty. Success in life is the ability to bow gracefully with each breath.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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One comment on “How to Judge Success: Eliminate Comparisons
  1. Welcome back! Not to compare, but your beautiful photograph is like a painting–love it! And your words are so true, all of us are so different, yet together we make a beautiful world.

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