Joyful Living

Joyful Living

Live the Life God has Gifted

Joyful Living

I can’t keep up with your revolving life bulletin. Changing comrades and hobbies like a seasonal wardrobe. Unsettled you are with the journey thus far. Reaching to draw from the life of others. Tackling their spirit as your own. Recognizing happiness through their thoughts and actions. Habits then formed. Bored with their life energy…then on to another.

Not necessary.

You’ve been gifted your own.

Create your own goals, memories, and special moments. Unhindered by the intentions, desires, and motivations of others. Comrades and hobbies still you will have. But the life you enjoy will be that of your own. Live the life God has gifted. Fill your calendar with joy and happiness.

When following your own path, straight and clear it will be. Joyfully intersecting comrades and their hobbies…but not directing yours.

Beautiful life…just live your own.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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