God’s Message

Measure of Worth: Preacher Teacher Speaker Writer

     I read the tiredness in your eyes. You’ve traveled a distance in such a short while. Waned from society. Skills honed and then tweeted. Hoping for a break. Time is ticking. You started late.

     Preacher, teacher, speaker, writer. So many hats generate. Pressure from the sidelines urges you back into place. Pointed fingers. Laughter behind your back. You stagger from the path. Seconding guessing with a mirrored eye the sidelines’ chatter. After all, maybe they’re right—preacher, teacher, speaker, writer—those are the positions for persons of caliper. They’re the studied, educated, intellectual, and cultivated.

     You ask God, “What path am I to take?”

     God takes your hands. Tugging gently at first. Reminding you to preach, teach, speak, and write from the heart. For you are the studied of life. The educated in compassion. The intellectual thinker that puts thoughts into action. You are the cultivated amongst Angels. You are the preacher, teacher, speaker, and writer. You are the qualified for you are awake. What better person to deliver from the heart? What better person to whisper God’s message?

     Harbor not a confusion of caliper. God is the only One to measure your worth.

     One foot in front of the other. Stay to your path. Preacher. Teacher. Speaker. Writer.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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