Proudly You

     My sympathies for the drama you face. So harshly they point fingers. Straight to your face they will never say…but behind your back they are quick to lash.

     But words have a way of circling around. Traveling forth. Deposited righteously upon your front door.

     My friend, the severity towards you is their inability to look within.

     Stand tall…Say thanks! Thanks for the reminder of where you have been. Thanks for the reminder of things you have done. Thanks for the reminder of who you were and who you proudly have become.

     You are a person of great personal growth. Hard lessons learned. Personal battles fought. You’ve looked within…and come out on top.

     Forget the drama! Seek peace in your life. Tranquility. Simply say, thanks.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     When approached with the quick tongue of another, suggestion is…walk away. The chatter will stop when there’s no one to listen. Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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