The Power of Personal Growth

Coffee Grounds Spill to the Floor: You’re Human

     So they found you out. You’re human.

     Pacing the floor, angst fills your moments. Shame and sorrow. One secret, gifted to a friend, sent sailing on the wind from one chattering voice to the listening ears of another.

     Coffee grounds spill to the floor…scattering in every direction.

     Let me ask of you, were you born into this world all knowing? Were you born gifted with a ridged and straight path lacking free choice and variation? Or were you born an innocent and perfect child destined to learn from your mistakes and environment?

     My friend, you were born an ordained human…

          Let the coffee grounds spill to the floor.

     Your evidence of humanity merely accentuates the power of a peaceful awakening. Your evidence of humanity merely accentuates the power of learning and personal growth.

     Keep close those that recognize your beauty. Keep close those that do not rally in the pain and suffering of others. Keep close those that walk in God’s White Light for they have the ability to see beyond the coffee grounds scattered upon the floor.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     We all have past decisions or actions we would rather forget. Stand tall in yourself. Stand tall in your personal growth. That was then. This is now. Leave behind those who rally in the suffering of others and the hurtful action of gossip. Take pride in your growth. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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