Song of Praise

Absence of Joy

     Cannibalized memories play across the walls of the somber cavern in which you sit. Hoarded moments of time. Sorrow dictating the climate. You strum for a tone of a song forgotten. Your sonnet twangs off-key.

     Absence of verse. Absence of rhythm. Absence of joy.

     Keep trying. Change direction. Memories are to be cherished, not stampeded. Songs of life embraced. Negativity dismissed. Release the voice that begs for freedom. Release the voice once harmonized with nature.

     To what degree do you wish to sing? The choice is yours. Regardless the song—sing. Change the direction of your vision, and you will change the tone of your song.

     There is a choice of song to sing. A song of woe or a song of praise. An anguished tone or a tone carefree. How you look at life is how your life will be. How you look at life is how your song will sing.

     Sing through the cracks. Sing through shadows. Sing through the hollow twang and set yourself free. Sing of blessings gone unnoticed. Sing of butterflies set free. Sing of bees living in harmony with nature. Sing of sunrises and sunsets. Sing for the promise of gifted tomorrows.

     Just sing.

Sharon CassanoLochman

          You alone determine the amount of Light in your life. Sing through the clouded moments of time. Sing through life’s challenges. Sing for brighter tomorrows. Let your Light shine.


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