Inner Reflection

Inner Reflection

Beauty Within

Inner Reflection

     Twenty-seven promises I will keep. Edging you away from habits that need to be broken. Improper emphasis on negativities internally funded. Four words already established. Positive reflections of you, my friend. Please take notice.

     Inside each is a child of God. Innocence and laughter. Looking at life in the moment. Worries unnoticed. Stresses nonexistent. Happy within. Unaware of differences.

     Go to the child. Through the eyes of a child, what do you see? What does the child recognize in you? One word, my friend. What would the child in you have to say?

     The list grows larger. Five words carefully chosen. Private. Significant. Positive. Repeat the words forty times over least you forget. This is you. Not past issues. Not the illusion of imperfections. Not your weight. Not your job. Not your relationships. Not. Not. Not. This is…as you are.

     Beautiful. Read your list, dear one. Take notice.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Through the eyes of a child, there is peace. The world is a positive place. There are no differences. Beauty is within. Please find the courage to leave your special word in the space below. If not, then a word of encouragement for another. My word touched the core of my heart. For it is what I am through the eyes of the child I carry within. Funny.

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