Inner Beauty through God’s Light

Inner Beauty through God’s Light

Inner Peace

 Inner Beauty through God’s Light

     The countdown continues at day twenty. Stay on task. Peace awaits as the mask of conformity of society’s deformity lessens. Take a look in the mirror. It’s not the trendy clothes that you wear…but your disposition that enters the room first.

     Inner peace ripens with time. Have others remarked on how rested you seem since the challenge began? A glow perhaps? It’s your Light as you learn to shine.

     When the internal battle ceases, peace blossoms across your face. My friend, what do you see at day twenty? What reflects back in the mirror today? Add it to the list. Twenty words times forty. Miss a turn…start over again.  Forty times needed to change outdated routines of thinking.

     It is a humble state to chant your greatness. For the power of your grandness reflects back. Actions and intentions you mirror. Stand tall. Shoulders back. There’s work to be done. You are here for a reason. Spread your Light and energy through good deeds, kind actions, and love. Let those qualities enter the room first.

     Thank you, my friend. You are here for a reason. Thank you for holding my hand.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Start at the beginning or jump in today. A thirty-one-day challenge we’ve established to change the way we think about ourselves. Link hearts with the last in line. For we are connected through God’s Breath.

     Tell me, in one word, what reflects back in the mirror today? Please share your word in the space below. I’ll share mine. Peace.

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