Ignorance of Youth: Forever of Tomorrows

Ignorance of Youth: Forever of Tomorrows

Importance of the Moment

Ignorance of Youth: Forever of Tomorrows

     So common it is. Pointing the finger. Observant and quick to morally sentence. Acknowledgement of what is missed or discerned from others. Ignorance of youth. Arrogantly living with a forever of tomorrows.

     My friend, what about you? What splendid experiences have you missed…just today? It is not solely the ignorance of youth. It is ignorance of you. What certificate of guarantee is there for any tomorrows?

     Would not the better way be to stop looking out and look in? If this is the last, then with all your heart from gratitude speak. Thank you for sunrises and sunsets. Thank you for every substance of love and learning this life has afforded. With focus on gratitude…in front…within…and behind…how differently things seem.

     The importance of the moment when the moment is all there may be.

     My friend, live your life with gratitude and Grace. Recognize each and every significant moment.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     So fast is passes us by. This life. The body ages whilst the mind remains a child. Make your presence on this planet worthwhile. Take not one moment for granted. Be the best. Do the best. Love the most. Please share your words of encouragement in the space below.

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