Promised Sunrise


     A gentle breeze kisses your cheek. The early morning dew wets the bottom of your feet. You pull your garment close. In company with a promised sunrise, you feel the pulse and pound. Heartbeats of the many. Woes of the whole. Like the surge and pound along a beach.

     My friend, there is hope.

     Hope for the unfed. Hope for those without housing. Hope for those that go without. Hope for the fear that crosses personal boundaries. Hope for the nations amped for war. Hope for the weary. Hope for those carrying grief.

     Needed is the awareness of the heartbeats of the many. Needed is the awareness of the woes. Needed is the surge of prayers that cross the intersecting boundaries over oceans and nations. Needed is the awareness—we are the whole.

     Rally in the pulses and surges. Rally in the breeze. Rally in the gifted sunrise. For even on the cloudiest of days, the promise remains.

     Inhale deeply. Exhale negativity to Earth Mother. Inhale deeply. Exhale strife. Inhale promises of new tomorrows and the hope to fill hearts of the whole. Greet each day with prayerful reconciliation. Always give more than you take.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     There are those that feel the burdens of the many. Gentle souls in tune with nature and man. Those that carry the Light for the whole. Greet each promised sunrise with prayerful expectations that one person can make a difference. Your actions combined with mine are contagious. Together there is hope.


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