Honor Life Gifted: Heavenly Connected

Honor Life Gifted: Heavenly Connected

Compassionate Surge on Humanity


I am not sure which is worse. Ignorance of suffering or apathy of life. You think you’re awake. You are not. Dreaming behind sleeping reality. Siren sounding. Time to wake up!

Look about. Suffering, hunger, sadness, isolation, hatred, and Earthly devastation.

Take notice. Take action.

Join me uniting the nations in prayer. One small voice can make a difference. Honor your life. Your talents are needed. Smiles, handshakes, joyful interactions. Wake to what God has gifted. A mind to think. Hands to take action. A soul Heavenly connected. Honor your talents and blessings.

Impossible you say to reach the masses.

Stand corrected my friend. Kindled kind deeds and actions will combust. Lighting the spark and the way for another. You and me…first. Let’s get started.

Waste not one moment. Help is needed. Awake and take part in the compassionate surge on humanity.

Sharon CassanoLochman

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One comment on “Honor Life Gifted: Heavenly Connected
  1. Margaret says:

    The power of compassion is is the divine in action. Beautiful.

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