Home: Majestically Speaking

Home: Majestically Speaking

Hand of God

Home: Majestically Speaking

     How beautiful is this place called home. Majestically speaking of spaces cultivated or freely roamed. River’s flow running opposite conventional currents. Hot lavender sunrise hues to sunsets yellow-orange infused. My friend, take the moment. Reflect from your heart-place on home.

     Taken so often for granted. Glory at the doorstep. Travel gently. Don’t trample. For in all her splendor, Earth Mother will suffer.

     Openly weep. For when you look you will truly see. The hand of God on every plant, animal, and tree. Every rock, crevasse, and grain of sand. Every person around the planet and back.

     How beautiful is this place called home. Set your clock. Make the appointment. Visit tonight’s sunset.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Matters not the place where you live. Home is with God. See the Glory is his Creations. Take the time to look about. What is uniquely Glorious and appreciated today? Please share something about the place in which you live.

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