Home with God: Bright Light

Home with God: Bright Light

Flickering Light

Home with God

     You heard it as well. The faint voice. Unveiled from the dark. A bright and shining message. Of hope, peace, and love.

     It is the flickering Light that guides. Cradled within the heart-place when home with God. Utterances barely above a whisper. Gathering momentum. The more you listen. The brighter your life becomes.

     Follow the guidance. Follow the Light. Unveil a life magnificent. Use your talents and abilities to lift mankind. Feel and reflect God’s Light. It is your birthright. Child of God.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Child of God, it is your birthright to Shine. Listen to the voice within. Find peace. Find God. Please share words of encouragement or your story in the space below.

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