Heavenly Goal

Heavenly Goal

Seek God

Heavenly Goal

     Transgression against you that is true. Hurtful words flagrantly spoken. Anger and hurt transparent across your china-glass face. Recipient of the angry and selfish onslaught of another.

     Look to the perpetration with compassion. Step up. Reach high. Hold not to resentful feelings that cycle. Continuance unending. Hurtful to the soul.

     Guardian of their ways you are not. They have their path of lessons yet to learn. Peace and compassion within you essential.

     Resentment has a snowball effect. Consuming joy and happiness. Stealing good intentions. Let not the actions of one interfere with the goodness of all. Let not the actions of one take one smile that could be passed along. Let not the actions of one detract you from your Heavenly goal. Sharing, lifting, loving, and giving. You are bigger than that! Your joyful exchange lightens the burdens of souls intersected.

     When resentment takes over and compassion wanes…seek God for support.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Ever have the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders by the smile or joyful interaction of a stranger? Please share your words of encouragement or comments below.

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