Heart Still Broken: Delicacy of Life

Heart Still Broken: Delicacy of Life

Memories Gently Tucked and Folded

Heart Still Broken: Delicacy of Life

     Gratitude difficult to find when your heart is broken. The loss you suffer can never be replaced. But today, my friend, take baby steps out of yourself. Out of your grief. Walk through nature. When gratitude seems insurmountable…start small.

     Look to the wonders God has placed beneath your feet. Lightly tread. Soft grass. Wildflowers. Clover. Weeds. Each struggling to survive. Like you. Give gratitude. Give gratitude for pebbles and sea-worn glass. Give gratitude for waves crackling against a familiar reef or rocky cliff edge.

     After you see the beauty that still exists… easier it will be to see on a grander scale. Memories gently tucked and folded. Awaiting your embrace…when ready, my friend.

     Until then, tread lightly upon this Earth place. Damage not the smallest of wonders God has placed. Reminders of the delicacy of life, loved ones, and times better spent.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     The passing of a loved one can never be erased. With time and small steps, gratitude will Grace the path you tread. Please share words of encouragement to those suffering the loss of a loved one.

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