Gratitude: Union with God

Gratitude: Union with God

Gift of Life

Gratitude: Union with God

     Gratitude. A word easily forgotten. Moments wasted rushing to wrap thoughts and intentions on acquisitions. Loading empty spaces with useless accumulations. Forgetting the powerful word…gratitude.

     Gratitude is the union with God. For with gratitude comes a soft heart. Humble awareness of our place on this planet. A speck of flesh…gifted breath.

     Gratitude is the union with God. For we truly cannot be grateful unless we are awake. Awake to see the privilege we have to be alive. Don’t waste it. Be grateful.

     Gratitude is the union with God. Understanding the power of the four elements that sustain life. We did not just happen upon this place. Give gratitude for the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

     Please, never forget, be grateful for life even when the days seem shadowed from light. Look for God’s Blessings. From a baby’s first smile to the star-dimpled sky.

     Gratitude. A powerful word. The more we give gratitude, the more we realize the gift of life.

     I am grateful for you.

Sharon CassanoLochman

      Today, I am grateful for gifted words. This is my 400th Spiritual Verse. So grateful am I….I could cry. Messages and lessons dear to my heart. Bringing me cause to think and rethink. What is important in my life? I have cried your tears. I have shared your sorrows. We walk this planet together. I am grateful for that awareness.  My friend, what are you grateful for in this moment of time? Please share in the space below.

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