Gratitude for Friendship

Gratitude for Friendship

Beautiful Friend

Gratitude for Friendship

     Teacher you are of many sorts. That of the mind and of the heart. All that you do and create shines as boundless beauty. God graces your life and all that you touch.

     You are peaceful compassion and soulful exchanges. Child-like play and chatter. Billowing laughter with warm embraces. Intellectual conversations laced with well wishes for the human race. Always in your company I am safely wrapped.

   With you the world is a much better place. Thank you for exuding beauty, integrity, and Grace. The power of your goodness is truly contagious. I am blessed to call you friend.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     If you have a friend that has touched your life, please share your experience, comments, or words of encouragement below.

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One comment on “Gratitude for Friendship
  1. Margaret says:

    I am so blessed to call you friend. Your writing touches the heart.

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