God’s Promise: Going Home

God’s Promise: Going Home

Passage of Time

God’s Promise

It comes for many reasons. Fragility. Susceptibility. Ravages of time or illness. The exterior no longer mirrors the interior.

     When did it happen? Hopscotch yesterday. Footsteps carefully planted today. Time continues to slip through hands unrecognized. The body bends, swells, creaks, and groans.

     It is the journey of life.

     Hold tightly to remembrances of meadows laced with dew drops and butterflies. Remain young at heart. Remain strong in faith. Remain hardy in laughter. Proudly carry the knowledge learned to forgive and let go.

     A promise God has gifted. When this journey concludes, another begins.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Matters not the reason…the commonality we face. The passage of time. Hold tightly to your faith. Remember God’s promise…you are going home. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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