God’s Graces: Gifted Miracles

God’s Graces: Gifted Miracles

Burdens Faced

God’s Graces

     I know this place of which you speak. Blanketed under the fight to merely exist. Challenges around each and every corner. Nothing gifted. Never easy.

     My friend, more wrong you could not be. For each breath is a gifted miracle.

     No guarantees for this walk we take. Not for length of time or ease of things. It is the attitude in which the energy might be better placed. Look to where you are. Imagine where you would like to be. Give gratitude for the stumbles and jogs along the way. You have been blessed.

     When days seem overwhelming…then to the moment you should go. In this moment of moments that make your day…look to the gratitude of heart. Gratitude for breath. A sunrise. Sunset. One more step in God’s Graces.

     Challenges there will always be. Face them with dignity and grace. Allow your Light to shine.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     You are not alone in your fatigue. Gift to God the burdens you face. Ask for help. Help you shall receive. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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