God’s Gifted Breath: Reconciliation

God’s Gifted Breath: Reconciliation

Gift Forgiveness

God’s Gifted Breath

     Years unravel. A once magical relationship sacrificed. Can you remember what you’re mad about?

     Waging war for what reason? Petty differences? Exposing and toting anger for another? Jealousy? Hurt feelings? Blimps on the ego?

     Tell me, what holds you at arm’s length? This distance created for the purpose of pain.

     If you had but one chance to reconcile…would you grasp so tightly to the entity you have created…or would you let go?

     No guarantees on this earth walk. Is anger worth the sacrifice to your soul?

     Today, God has gifted breath. Be grateful. Open your heart to love. Open your heart to reconciliation. Open your heart to forgiveness.

     Pick up the phone. Make that call.

     Love sits waiting to answer.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     My friend, let go of the grievances rendered. Gift forgiveness and the opportunity of communication and reconciliation. Live each day as though it is the last. Please leave words of encouragement in the space below.

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