God’s Gift: Blessings and Breath

God’s Gift: Blessings and Breath

Footprint in the Sand

God’s Gift: Blessings and Breath

     For every action taken or passed…a mark is left upon the sand. The direction, intention, and severity have impact. Close your eyes. Think back.

     This is God’s place. Numbered he has each and every grain of sand. Of such importance holds all that He creates.

     Gently step with consideration given to all creatures and the soil beneath your feet.

     For every choice you make today, a mark is left upon the sand. Step humbly upon the earth. Step firmly with faith. Step in a direction that honors the intention of God when you were gifted breath and the blessings of this day.

Sharon CassanoLochman

    Sometimes we feel small and insignificant in this world driven by power and success. Success is a life path that honors each and every day for what it is…a gift from God. Your actions have impact on people and the planet. Tread today with your faith. May you be blessed in your travels and the mark you leave upon the sand.

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  1. Have a wonderful fall, Sharon!

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