God’s Creation

God’s Creation

God’s Light Shines

God’s Creation

     Twenty-eight days remain in the challenge. Changing of patterns. Thoughts of the self. Recognizing value. Importance of this path. God’s creations. Traversing this planet, together.

     We share the insecurities of being. Comparisons made. The places we live. The garments we wear. The outer skin. Overweight. Too thin. Never good enough in comparison.

     Take away your body, hair, and clothes. What’s left standing? The essence of your soul. A creation of God.

     Matters not the outwardness. Matters the essence. Stop the comparisons. You were not meant to be like another. Unique you are within yourself. Perfection. God’s Light shines within.

     Describe in one word, positive in nature, the essence of you. What is inside hidden behind the comparisons? How would I know you with eyes closed?

     Now write this word next to the three others. A list is growing. Different from mine. Yet bold and glorious. Repeat the words over and over. Forty times today. Then look to the mirror with eyes closed. See with your heart the beauty you hold through God’s eyes.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     You will always fall short when measuring yourself against another. For the person you envision is a mere illusion. We share our complexities of self-sabotaging behavior. The prettiest of the pretty is never pretty enough. Stop with the comparisons. Tell me in the space below, one word that describes the essence of you. I’ll share mine. Colorful.

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