God’s Creation: Exceptionally Different

God’s Creation: Exceptionally Different

Heart of a Child

God’s Creation

     Heartsick I am for the sake of the many. Conformity. Rigidity. Living within a box. Unable to let go for fear of attention. Rejection.

     What if you were to simply be you? Uniquely different in whatever form that should be. Writing poetry. Singing off-key. Dancing in the streets. Mixing plaids with prints. Puddle jumping at the age of eighty-three.

     God created this planet. Every rock and blade of grass. Similar yet exceptionally different. Like sunrises and sunsets.

     The uniqueness of individuals should be deemed a delight.

     Let go. Be creative. Be happy and silly. Be young at heart.

     For the heart of a child is close to God.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Why would you want to be like another? You are God’s Creation. Isn’t that special enough? Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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