God is not a Politician

God is not a Politician

Gentle and Sweet

God is not a Politician

     I offer compassion for the place in which you sit. Wedged against a wall of vices. Knowing and believing from different directions. My friend, the angst you feel is separation from God’s Love.

     Stop the bantering thoughts. Release your sadness. There is a place for you upon this planet.

     Feel His love. Hear his Voice. Not loud or boisterous…for God is not a politician. But gentle and sweet. Offering compassion and assistance.

     Follow His Light. Fill your heart and life with His presence. Shine brightly in your actions.

     Shine brightly, my friend…every beacon is needed.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Sometimes we seek “things” to fill an empty heart. Addictive behaviors of a most temporary fix. Seek God with your heart. Change your behavior from wanting to giving. Please share your thoughts or story in the space below.

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