God Gifted Talent

God Gifted Talent

Borrower of Words

God Gifted Talent

     Borrower of words. Giving life to thoughts and phrases. Misspelling. Inventing new definitions. Molding for sound knowing the rest will work out later.

    Borrower of words. Painter upon the mind’s canvas. Splattering images laced with savory flavors. Spinning adventures. Touching hearts. Lifting the souls of many.

     Borrower of words, your talents are greatly needed.

     Borrower of words. Look to what God has so generously gifted. Gaze not with malice upon the page crafted. See creativity at its finest. Know you write for a reason. Allow the words to trail from the pen to paper…finding their place in hearts and imaginations.

     Borrower of words. Writing is not a tedious journey but an exciting expedition of time and unearthly voyages. Walk through sky-high flowing grasses. Ride on the back of an eagle. Soar to the heavens. Become the voice of a child. Put to paper for those without vision.

     Borrower of words. You hold the key to the imagination. Fear not your gifted talent. Play at your craft. Tedious it is not to join your characters upon paper. Love their antics. Love their personalities. Give life to their surroundings. Layer language with color. Look not to compare with the craft of the aged. Release your gifted voice…even when coming from a different direction.

     Borrower of words. Romp joyfully on the playground God has provided. Set your attitude in a positive place. Passionately play at your craft. Skip across pages.

     Borrower of words. Splash the world with your colored thoughts and phrases. Orchestrate sounds and smells. Worry not for publication. The rest will work out later.


Sharon CassanoLochman

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