Glory of God

Glory of God

Joining of Hearts

Glory of God

     A call to action. The time is now. Brothers and sisters of all nations and religions. Brothers and sisters uniquely different, yet bound together through journey and breath. Join hearts and hands in prayerful union and God’s Graces.

     Look to your brethren through a heart that is open. Recognize the Glory of God carried within. Matters not a person’s status, color, or place of worship. What matters is the joining of prayer and kindhearted actions.

     What is the reason for being? Acquisitions matter little when the heart grows cold. Give of yourself. Give to another. Give of your time. Give of your prayerful intentions for the benefit of all.

     A call to action. Stand tall. Who will take a step forward?

Sharon CassanoLochman

     One person can make a difference. Kind actions are contagious. Can you remember a time when your heart was touched by the actions of a stranger? Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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