Gifts Granted: Blessings Await

Gifts Granted: Blessings Await

Recognize God’s Blessings

Gifts Granted: Blessings Await

     You spend your life seeking. Fabricating shallow happiness for that which you cannot see. Looking for someone or something to fulfill a need. Wasting precious time and energy. You spend your life striving for this or that and fail to recognize gifts previously received.

     It is not hard to change your vision. From seeker…to seer…to believer. Look for the bounty ready to reap. Sleep. Food. Drink. Now, beyond the superficial…Wheat-colored fields bending and swaying to the rhythmic beat of seasons. Love, peace, and serenity. The gift of a winter day. The gift to do better. To love more. To be compassionately driven. To openly cry at the beauty of a butterfly. The gift to witness God’s Light.

     Each breath that you take and each step of your day is a gift.

     Spend your life seeing instead of seeking. Blessings and gifts await at your feet.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     The gift is to recognize that which has been freely given. Wealth of happiness. Beauty and harmony. Become a seer instead of a seeker. Please share your words of encouragement in the space below. 

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