Gifted of God

Gifted of God

Connection to all Living Things

Gifted of God

     Countless conversations we’ve vested. Into the clouds with each round. Intellectual agreement paired with idle chatter not enough. Action required. Time is of the essence. Earth Mother struggles for life.

     Choked with pollution. Scattered with debris. Chemicals filling waterways from overindulgent and careless routines. Plagued with corporate cities and high-rise graffiti. Gentle treading and compassion now a thing of the past. Long ago forgotten the beating in her chest. Heads selfishly turned. Immense suffering. Were we not birthed from the bosom of her girth?

     We are Earth Mother. She is the beat in the cycle of life. Gifted from God. Connected to all living things as they are connected to her. Caress her. Care for her. Consider alternatives before you buy. Reduce debris. Reduce her suffering. Tend to her with love and affection.

     Action required. One person independently united can make a difference. Time is of the essence.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you changed your lifestyle to reduce pollution? Please share your tips or comments below.

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3 comments on “Gifted of God
  1. Lily Leung says:

    We recycle, compost, grow food instead of grass. We live as green as we are able. My partner rescues bikes from landfills and fixes them up or uses parts to make new bikes and other stuff.


  2. Ernestine Colombo says:

    We do a lot of recycling, although we have noticed that although we separate the garbage, the local sanitation people just throw everything in together! How can that be?? We use recycled paper, reuse whatever plastic bags we have. Also save plastic bottle tops and those pop top things from cans because I have access to a woman who takes those two items and recycles them, or sends them to a place that melts them down to make other items. Thinking of putting in some kind of compost apparatus, although we live in a co-op and they may not take kindly to it. We use the kinds of washing liquids that break down in the environment. Only buy organic produce, ‘Certified Humane’ eggs, not too much dairy. Only use organic fertilizers. Sticking to mostly fish and chicken, don’t eat meat every day. Very little beef but if we have it, it’s grass fed. Buy used furniture – otherwise known as antiques! – or use family heirlooms whenever possible. Donate clothes that haven’t been worn in a year so that someone else may use them. No littering, ever! We have hummingbird feeders and regular bird feeders. I really don’t use anything on my garden, just water it and hope for the best! We’re growing milkweed for the Monarchs, and lots of flowers that the hummers like such as salvia, lantana, lilies, verbena. I let a lot of the native plants fill in the blanks on my garden. The hummers like a lot of those plants too.

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