Future in Hand: Perpetuate Peace

Future in Hand: Perpetuate Peace

Variations of Life Trails

Future in Hand: Perpetuate Peace

     I see your challenges. Direction to decide. Future in hand. It is not my place. Urging one way or another. Bearings you will find, when following the heart-place.

     Carried within are the answers you seek. Listen in the quiet moments. Believe. Believe in yourself and the trail straight and bright.

     There are no rights or wrongs. Where to live. The job to take. Simply variations of life trails. To what benefit to the human race is the question you might ask. Any path, when followed with Grace, will serve the greater good of the whole. Will serve the greater good of you.

     Satisfaction you will find, my friend, when in a place of peace.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     A lot of time and stress is wasted on the worry of the unknowns. What if we could learn to live the moment. Follow the heart instead of the dollar. Give without expectation of receiving. Live to a Higher calling. Perpetuate peace. Live peace. Give peace. Know peace in the sacred heart-place. Please share your story or words of encouragement below.

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