Friendships Camouflaged

Friendships Camouflaged

Pedigree in God’s Light

Friendships Camouflaged

     Perched from self-appointed chaired positions, opinions blast from the sidelines of your life. Through slanted vision, venomous rants spew from a dark place. Detailed accounts mirror your past. Judgement sits. Judgement rules. How dare you partake of gifted success. What degree or pedigree do you possess?

     My dear one, you are degreed in life. And the pedigree pinned to your chest is the heartbeat of God’s Light.

     Always there will be friendships camouflaged within a foggy layer of spite. Their self-appointed position on the planet is determined by the souls trampled beneath their feet. Recognize their internal struggles and seek refuge in Light.

     Child of God, you were put here for a reason. Shine past the camouflaged friendships. Shine your Light. Your position on this planet is not to be determined by anyone else. Your position on this planet is a God-gifted right. Be good. Do good. Pray for the planet. Pray for the good of the whole and your kind deeds will become contagious.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     We are all pedigreed in God’s Light.

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