Found through Plight: Simply You

Found through Plight: Simply You

Fight for Your Light

Found through Plight: Simply You

     Under a rock was revealed a personality worth a fight. It belongs to you. Found though plight. You are yourself. Occasionally slow to speak. Tripping over misconstrued intentions. Hesitant beyond belief. But, dear one, it is simply you. Permitted you are to take time. Decisions weighing and swaying from the left to the right. Timid and shy.

     Underneath the rock of debris of hurtful actions from others stands a soul ready to take flight. Stand strong in the knowledge of the goodness you carry within. Trust in yourself in times of struggle. Trust in God for paths taken. Everything needed you carry within.

     Let your Light shine as the wondrous creation known as you. Incredibly glorious. You are worth the fight. Fight for your Light. Let it shine.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you thrown to the side the built-up debris of life? Self-deprecating beliefs and notions? Found the strength to allow your Light to shine? Please, share your story or words of encouragement below.

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