Fear Sweeping Our Nation

Fear Sweeping Our Nation

Child’s Play

Fear Sweeping Our Nation

     An epidemic is sweeping our nation. Children caught in the crossfire of something gone terribly wrong. Children fearing more than their report cards and being left out of playground parley. Children witnessing crimes of war through the school halls.

     Innocence stolen. Innocence lost.

     There was a time when children were children. Their time devoted to the avoidance of homework and vegetables. There was a time when children were gleeful at play, both real and imagined—before the painful interruption of schoolyard war.

     Volunteer your time. Tend to the wounded. Do what is necessary to make schools safe. Do what is necessary to allow children to blossom. Time well spent when children can once again be children.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Hold your children, and those of someone else, close to your heart today. Grandmothers and grandfathers. Aunts and uncles. Neighbors and extended family members. Time spent today tending to the raising of our children can save a life.

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