Fear of Heartache: Allow God’s Light

Fear of Heartache: Allow God’s Light

Give and Receive

Fear of Heartache: Allow God’s Light

     Shrouded you inch through life. Wisdom and compassion selfishly concealed. A heart, most tender, sequestered and locked from sight. Draped within layers of mistrust. Craving slumber’s sweet embrace.

     What a shame. For the emotional sleep you seek denies humanity. Denies a stranger an uplifting emotional exchange. Denies your neighbors, friends, and family laughter and good times. Denies you the journey of gifted moments. A heart imprisoned is denied God’s Light.

     Unshroud your heart. Allow in God’s Light. Give to others. Good deeds. Compassion. Quality of life. Extend yourself. Shroud fears and mistrust. For a heart consumed with God’s Light radiates Love.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Fear of heartache limits your experiences. Inching through life guarded with emotional distrust. Set yourself free to experience the joys God intended. Uncover your heart. Give and receive. Please share your story or words of encouragement in the space below.

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