Faith: Never Forsaken

Faith: Never Forsaken

Vast and Humbling

Faith: Never Forsaken

     I see you at the gate of great happenings. A universe of miraculous events and experiences await each new day. Yet there you are, clinging to fear. Afraid to let go. Afraid to soar. My friend, what holds you in place?

     Fear of being shunned? Alone? Forsaken? Embarrassed?

     Or are you afraid to be a dreamer without dreams? A writer without a pen? A lover without love? A parent without children? A singer without a voice? An instrument that cannot play?

     Are you afraid to be alone in your circle—simply without?

     My friend, you are never alone. For God walks by your side through all life experiences. Times of abundance and times of tears. Stop clinging to fear and take His hand. Follow the gentle and loving direction each and every step of each and every day. Sing loudly. Write freely. Love openly. For the circle in which you sit is vast and humbling. For the circle in which you sit is all that is needed.

     Allow life to fall into place with faith.

Sharon CassanoLochman

       Have you been allowing your fears to hold you back from joyous life experiences? My friend, life was intended to be joyful. Stop allowing fear to dictate your future. Replace fear with faith. For you walk with God and you will never be forsaken. Please share your story or comments in the space below.

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