End Disruption in Your Life

End Disruption in Your Life

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End Disruption in Your Life

     Absence of clarity. It brings down nations. It causes disharmony in a once harmonized house. It distances children from parents, sisters from brothers. Absence of clarity. It creates foggy dead-end trails. It causes disruption in life paths and wedges hearts against God.

     If only situations could be seen from another perspective. The personality clashes would no longer exist. Life paths would be adorned with spotlight brilliance.

     Absence of clarity exists if you allow it.

     Step out of yourself. See with your heart the reasons and whys of a situation. Open your heart and end the disruption in your life. Clarity always follows.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Have you been at odds? Odds with a relative, friend, or yourself? It is an unsettling place to be. Look through your heart at the situation. Without blame, how did this happen? Release the disharmony and replace it with God’s Light. Everything will look quite different when viewed through the heart. Please share your story or comments in the space below.

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