Empty Belly: Sustainability

Empty Belly: Sustainability

Balance of Needs and Wants

Empty Belly: Sustainability

     Gifted you are. Vision maintained through child-like eyes. Sustainability. Balance of the natural compassionate inclination against greed. Straining of voice from repetitive song. If two apples fill an empty belly, give three. Callused and worn from backs turned. Listening gone. My friend, tired you are. But, you must continue on.

     It is the humblest of action to share. Share abundance beyond pennies and dollars. Share compassion, words of encouragement, and prayers for relief for all concerned. Other peoples. Other nations. Earth Mother. Share your heart. God’s greatest blessing.

     Sing loudly for all to hear. Regardless their stance with backs turned and listening gone. Sing loudly for the greater good of all.

Sharon CassanoLochman

     Sustainability is more than a mere possibility. It starts with one. A life lived in balance of needs and wants benefits the planet. Share your gifts and talents. Share compassion and prayers. Share food and clothing. Please share your song in the form of encouraging words in the space below

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