Emotional Suffering: Finding God

Emotional Suffering: Finding God

God’s Light

Tormented Existence: Courage to Stand Tall

     Well-meaning and compassionate you were. Heart in the right place. Painfully witnessing the emotional suffering. Hurriedly rushing to make things right. Interceding on their behalf.

     Sometimes the rough spots come with reason.

     Times there will be when assistance should be granted. But there are times when knowledge is gained through experience. The knowledge graced when open to God’s Light. Don’t try to fix. Offer compassion, love, and encouragement.

     Deny them not the satisfaction of pride in a new path taken…or of finding God along the way.

Sharon CassanoLochman

   It can be difficult to take a step back. Deny not the lessons to be learned along a crooked path. For sometimes it is along those paths that a relationship with God is initiated. Remember, it is their journey. They must find their own way. Please share words of encouragement in the space below.

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